⌇  Thinges by fittes

Thomas Enumeratorcoup d'œil

I see Marcelo Bielsa everywherecoup d'œil

As my precious body is run over with pre-Alpine watercoup d'œil

CC assumes a tendency towards noveltyup that hill

It’s Fred from Channel 4’s First Dates, but he’s an elmcoup d'œil

Big Dan kisses the aircoup d'œil

On and on goes Littlejohn, a-rambling up the mountainup that hill

On the direction of namingcoup d'œil

Saz is a swollen Neptunecoup d'œil

The smell of hot metal out the sidecoup d’œil

Tondo was strapped to a crate of wooden wine cupscoup d’œil

We are halfway up the hill, EZ-Bet-99 and Iup that hill